The A.G.A.M.E. Pre-Session Protocol

How would it change your results if you could play your best every time you sat down to play a session? Every poker player knows there is a huge difference when they bring their A-Game to a session vs their C-Game. With you A-Game you might be crushing the game while breaking even or slightly losing with your C-Game. 

Most players jump into their sessions cold not knowing which game they've brought until well into their sessions, but what if you could take control of this part of your game and could bring your A-game nearly every session you played? 

That's why I've created the A.G.A.M.E. Pre-Session Protocol. It's a 5 step process you run through before a session designed to get you in "The Zone" and allow you to play your A-Game for your entire session. 

This was designed while working with hundreds of poker players (including many of the game's elite) and has been battle tested in the field of play. 

When you invest in this training you get:

  • The A.G.A.M.E. Pre-Session Protocol Training
  • Pre-Session Focus MP3
  • Relaxing The Poker Mind Post-Session MP3
  • A.G.A.M.E. Quick Reference Sheet
  • 30-Day Habit Challenge Calendar

The training is pulled from my $65 per month Poker Mind Coach Academy and the MP3s sell on my site for $25 each. That means you're getting this set for 80% when you purchase today. 

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